Police arrest two people after machete attack in east Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts: — Tulsa police responded to a woman who said she was being chased by a man with a stick in his hand Saturday morning.

Within minutes of the first call, dispatch got multiple calls about a man chasing a woman with a machete.

Officers found and arrested the man with the machete near 11th and Mingo. He had multiple stab wounds on his upper body.

Police found another man with life-threatening injuries on his upper body and head from the machete close to the same area.

After investigating, police say that two women met two men at the Hard Rock Casino early Saturday morning. They decided to take the party back to the men's apartments at Madison Park apartments.

When the women got inside, one woman called her brother who showed up in masks with another man. The two men kicked in the door holding a baseball bat and a machete. One of the men who lived in the house fought back, got the machete and hit the man back.

The man then chased one of the women out of the apartment, thinking she set him up.

Both injured people were taken to the hospital.

The two women were taken into custody.

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