Police arrest two accused of drag racing, running from officers

Police arrest two accused of drag racing, running from officers

TULSA COUNTY, Okla. — Police arrested two people after a high-speed drag race in Sand Springs.

Officials said this happened back in April when an officer clocked two cars going over 90 mph in a 40 mph zone along 41st Street.

The officer tried stopping the cars, but they got on the highway and outran the officer. Police said the two were racing at over 110 mph.

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The drivers got away and police called in help from Creek County deputies and Sapulpa police when the drivers crossed into Sapulpa city limits.

Police said a Creek County deputy spotted a car matching one from the chase, and the driver, Dakota Farnam, admitted to being involved in the race, but denied knowing the other driver.

As officers booked Farnam into jail, police said a man by the name Caleb Gregory repeatedly called Farnam. Officers looked Gregory up on Facebook and found photos of the second car involved in the chase.

Police questioned Farnam on this and officers said he admitted Gregory was the second driver.

Officers secured an arrest warrant in May and arrested Gregory on suspicion of eluding and careless driving this week.

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