• Police arrest suspect accused of stealing Tulsa business-owner's vehicle

    By: Cailey Dougherty


    Story Highlights

    • Police arrested Harley Rodkey, 29.
    • She reportedly stole a business-owner's vehicle.
    • Police believe she tried to break into the victim's business, as well.

    TULSA, Okla. - Police arrested a woman accused of stealing a business-owner’s vehicle and then trying to steal from his business.

    Officers said Harley Rodkey, 29, stole a truck that belonged to the owner of Silver Dollar Jewelry and Pawn while he was golfing at LaFortune park.

    Investigators said the victim’s Rolex, guns and other property were inside the vehicle.

    Rodkey reportedly sold the Rolex to a shop near 46th and Memorial, using an identification that police believe was stolen from Broken Arrow.

    Afterward, officers said they were able to use surveillance video from the shop to identify Rodkey.

    Tuesday, the suspect, along with another man, allegedly tried to break into Silver Dollar Jewelry and Pawn, causing damage to the door. Ultimately, however, investigators said they do not believe she was able to burglarize the business.

    Police said they searched her apartment and arrested her. Inside the apartment, they reportedly found other items from inside the stolen truck, ammunition and “turkey dope,” that is, substances made to look like drugs.

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