Police: Accused ringleader in Mohawk Park murder connected to at least nine violent crimes

A man accused in a Tulsa murder is accused in crimes as far away as Houston.

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Police say the accused ringleader in a Mohawk Park shooting is accused of other crimes.
  • Alejandro Guzman is accused of involvement in the murder of Wilbur Flores.
  • They said he is connected to at least nine crimes.

FOX23 is learning more about the accused ringleader in the murder of a Tulsa man in Mohawk Park last week.

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Tulsa police say Alejandro Guzman bonded out on violent robbery charges in Houston, only to come here to Tulsa and wreak more havoc.

Police say on the first night he was here, October 11, he robbed and shot an innocent man unloading groceries at the Shoreline Apartments in east Tulsa.

The very next day, police say he and others kidnapped Wilbur Flores, took him to Mohawk Park and shot and killed him.

Police say Flores was an innocent victim.

Detectives say Guzman was mad at Flores’ brother over a stolen truck, so he kidnapped Flores as collateral.

After that, police say Guzman is accused of carjacking people at 32nd and Garnett in his attempt to flee Tulsa.

Then, he allegedly robbed an Asian restaurant in north Tulsa for money.

Police say Guzman is an extremely violent man who would have kept committing crimes had he not been arrested.

A Tulsa robbery sergeant compared the case to a rabbit hole that they still haven’t gotten to the bottom of.

Right now, Guzman is accused of nine violent crimes between Tulsa and Houston, and detectives said they won’t be surprised if more charges pop up in the future.