Green Country “Plant Queen” looking to take events nationwide

TULSA, Okla. — Britt Parrish is known locally for her eclectic, inventive, trendy and sold-out plant events.

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Parrish got her start through Heartland Forward and the Builders + Backers Idea Accelerator program. Much of her success, she says, was gained from her experience as a participant in those entrepreneur mentorship programs.

Now, the “Plant Queen” is a finalist in Eventbrite’s Reconvene Accelerator program. Parrish has been chosen as one of ten event planners from across the country.

Parrish says the moment she learned about this opportunity meant the world to her.

“It honestly didn’t feel real,” said Parrish. “I actually almost missed my shot! I receive the email I got in the day before I saw it. And I had a feeling come over me to just check my email, and I saw it and I screamed, gasped, and then cried. I had four hours to get all the info to them in order to confirm I wanted to be a finalist. So I really felt it was meant for me at that moment!”

Five finalists will receive $10,000 to expand their events.

“With the $10,000, I would kickstart the Plant.Sip.Vibe Nationwide Tour! It’s been a huge goal to bring the experiences to other plant parents around the U.S.,” said Parrish. “One of my friends made me realize how huge the opportunity really was, I mean Eventbrite is global!”

The winner will be determined by the number of votes they receive by June 29. For more information on the Reconvene Accelerator or to vote go to Eventbrite.

“I really just love to educate about plants and make it a vibe! I want the world to know and feel what I get every day being surrounded by my own plants,” said Parrish. “So the skies’ the limit really for Plant.Sip.Vibe and I’m super excited about the future!”

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