Phone calls released after state representative's arrest in Broken Arrow

Phone recordings released after state representatives alleged DUI arrest
  • Phone calls from the Broken Arrow Jail reveal the moments following the DUI arrest of State Rep. Dean Davis.
  • Davis calls a friend, two fellow state representatives, and Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado. Davis tells State Rep. TJ Marti that he was in jail, but a former student working there was allowing him to make phone calls and asked him to make calls to help him, according to the recording.
  • Davis, who represents Broken Arrow, told Marti: "This is not going to help Broken Arrow at all because they just made an enemy, that's not good at all, you know that."
  • Rep. Marti says Davis is a good friend of his, and he was helping his friend during a difficult time. He said though they are both state representatives, Dean called him as a friend, not as a colleague.
  • In a phone call to Rep. Ross Ford, Ford reminds him he's being recorded. Davis replies- "This is recorded, I don't care. No I don't, it's the truth, im telling you the truth."
  • He also makes three unanswered phone calls to Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado. He leaves Regalado a voicemail saying he's been arrested and heading to his establishment. A statement from Regelado says even if he had answered the phone, he would not have helped him circumvent the criminal justice process.
  • In all of his phone calls, Davis says the police didn't give him a blood test.
  • Broken Arrow did not comment on the arrest.
  • Davis's attorney tells FOX23 his client is innocent, and the phone calls show his frustration with being denied a chance to prove it to police.