• Philbrook Museum billboard vandalized


    TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa’s Philbrook Museum released a statement Wednesday after someone vandalized a billboard promoting an Islamic art exhibit.

    Not only did someone tag the museum’s billboard with the phrase, “HOMEGROWN TERROR,” but the same phrase was tagged on an attached billboard for Geico.

    Philbrook director Scott Stulen released the following statement:

     “One of the billboards for our exhibition of Islamic Art was recently vandalized. The billboard will be replaced as soon as possible. We could not be more proud to present this show and we will not be deterred by any form of intolerance in our community. We believe strongly that museums are for everyone. We can’t just say that or have it in the mission statement on our website, we must show this commitment to inclusion through the exhibitions we present and the programs we create. And a quick note to the vandal(s): we hope you see the show. You’re welcome any time. Free admission this Saturday (7/13).”

    The Islamic Art exhibit runs through Oct. 6.

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