Petitioners unable to get signatures to prevent permitless carry bill

UPDATE: Petitioners were not able to get the signatures requires to stop the bill.


  • In November, Oklahomans will be able to carry firearms without a permit and some groups are fighting against it.
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  • House Bill 2597 will take effect Nov. 1 allowing permitless carry for Oklahoman's 21 and older, and military members 18 or older.
  • Representative Jason Lowe created a petition that would put this measure to a vote.
  • If the group is able to get nearly 60,000 signatures by August 29, the law would no longer take effect November 1, and people would vote on whether they want permitless carry in 2020.
  • The group had about 20,000 signatures August 28 before the deadline.
  • People collecting signatures say this new law is dangerous because it allows untrained people to carry.
  • The president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association says the bill makes carrying in Oklahoma more in accordance with the constitution.
  • There are permitless carry petitions in places all over Tulsa. Anyone looking to sign the petition can find petition locations here.

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