People who live in Preston, Okla. Have been dealing with water issues for nearly a month

PRESTON, Okla. — In a developing story FOX23 first told you about last month, people who live in the city of Preston said they’re still having water issues. In May, FOX23 showed you how some people have brown water coming out of faucets.

Randy Sissom made his own water filter system. He said he spends hundreds of dollars, monthly, to have clean water. And he said things aren’t getting better.

Sissom said the Okmulgee Rural Water Authority came to check his water meter and look at his water lines. Sissom added, he had clean water for a day with no filter needed. But that was short lived.

“The second bucket, about halfway through, the pressure increased dramatically and from there on out it was solid. It looked like chocolate,” Sissom said.

Sissom said the water authority told him to flush his line and pay for more filters.

FOX23 reached out to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). They responded in a text message saying, “Okmulgee has had their fire department conducting flushing. The flushing has been ongoing for three weeks and will continue for at least another week.” In the text it goes on to say flushing can cause discoloration issues.

The DEQ added, “It’s possible that the work being done upstream in the town of Okmulgee’s system is causing the discoloration downstream.”

Chris Treat said his water is always going on and off since the heavy spring rains. Treat said he got home Friday night and tried taking a shower, but a black oily substance came out.

“If you stepped on it, it turned to oil at the bottom of the tub and had an oily feeling all over your body from it,” Treat said.

When Treat to flush his water and clean the tub, he said it got worse.

“It clogged up my shower head so I took it off. It was just full of sand,” he said.

The water authority sent out a letter saying an emergency water outage would take place Monday, June 27th from 4:30 a.m. through 6:30 a.m..

FOX23 reached out to the water authority director, Valarie Rice, for a comment and did not hear back.