People in north Tulsa say bridge is falling apart

TULSA, Okla. — People living in north Tulsa say they’re concerned about a bridge that they say is falling apart.

Maureen Tarver said she has major concerns with the bridge in her neighborhood near Independence and Madison Avenue.

“It’s been bad for awhile because the trucks came here for two years when they were building the BMX facility and now it’s getting worse and worse,” said Tarver. “Now they’re about to build [Evans-Fintube]. These two bridges are not going to hold.”

The bridge goes over Highway 75. With side rails looking like they’re about to fall, and several visible holes, Tarver said she made a complaint to the City of Tulsa. She adds, the city patched one hole, but there are still others.

Tarver believes the holes will continue to get worse as people travel to the BMX headquarters.

“I’m scared to cross this bridge and really scared to get in the street,” she said.

The City of Tulsa’s communication department said the city and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation are surveying the bridge. FOX23 will provide updates as we learn more.