Pawnee Nation declares state of emergency after earthquake

PAWNEE, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • A 5.6 magnitude shook Green Country Saturday.
  • One man was injured.
  • Buildings suffered damage.

The Pawnee Nation has declared a state of emergency after an earthquake shook the area Saturday.

Six of the nation's buildings were damaged, and two of those buildings suffered significant damage.

Officials with the Pawnee County Emergency Management say buildings there suffered significant damage as the result of the earthquake.

The 5.6 magnitude quake was centered near Pawnee.

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It is tied with a 2011 earthquake for the strongest in Oklahoma history. Multiple aftershocks followed.

At least one man was injured.

Joe Alley said he was trying to protect his child when bricks fell and hit his head.

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He was later released from the hospital.

Buildings near Sixth and Harrison suffered significant damage.

Though emergency officials at first said a building collapsed, they later said the damage did not result in a full collapse.

Three buildings were deemed unsafe.

Officials said other structural damage was reported.

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Officials said part of main street in Pawnee was blocked off due to damage.

The Northeast Junior Rodeo Association of Oklahoma confirmed the rodeo there is canceled.

Governor Mary Fallin said emergency management is going to assist in Pawnee after the earthquake.

ODOT confirmed that bridges and roads only received very minor damage.

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Fallin said the Oklahoma Corporation Commission staff is at the office reviewing disposal wells in the vicinity of the earthquake.

Local businesses in Pawnee suffered damages as well.

White's Foodliner estimates the store lost thousands of dollars in damages.

A local liquor store also reported hundreds in damages.

"When a disaster like this happens on a holiday weekend, there's a sense that we're disconnected, that's not true. We're still connected, and I want everyone to be able to see it here." Senator James Lankford said.


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