Paul Harvey childhood home included in Tulsa's eminent domain plans

Pearl District residents working to reserve childhood home of famous journalist, Paul Harvey

TULSA, Okla. — The childhood home of well-known radio broadcaster Paul Harvey is one of those included in the City of Tulsa's plans for eminent domain and a stormwater detention pond in the Pearl District.

The home, built in 1917, was Harvey's home from the time he was born through the time he went to Central High School. It remained in his family until 1960.

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Harvey's father built the house for his mother Anna Aurandt. His father was ambushed while hunting and killed when Harvey was 5 years old -- prompting his mother to segment the home and make an upstairs boarding house for rent.

The home is included in the city's plan to buy 45 properties to tear down through use of eminent domain and build a stormwater detention pond to reduce flooding downstream.

The home is currently owned by Steve Lee who bought it in homes of converting it into a bed and breakfast or make other similar renovations.

Lee told FOX23's Cailey Dougherty he is holding off on that work until he knows if the city will be tearing down the home.

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