• Man sues after reportedly waking up during eye surgery at Tulsa hospital

    By: Ashli Lincoln


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Garry Clugston filed suit with St. John's physicians
    • He says anesthesia for his eye surgery did not work, and he woke up during the surgery 
    • The movement from his waking reportedly caused him to become blind
    • Neither the nurse nor the anesthesiologist involved have prior disciplinary records, and both continue working; not under investigation 
    • St. John's denied all implied allegations of negligence in court documents 

    A Tulsa man claims negligence left him blind after eye surgery.

    Gary Clugston once traveled and wrote. Now, he feels limited by his legal blindness.

    His life changed after going for eye surgery at St. John hospital in Tulsa.

    Clugston says he woke up during the procedure because doctors did not give him enough medication to keep him under.

    He raised his head and had to be pinned back down, according to his caregiver.

    His lawsuit says a certified nurse anesthetist, instead of an anesthesiologist, administered the allegedly shorted medication. Clugston also claims his vitals were not monitored.

    FOX23 News reached out to the hospital, which denied all implied allegations of negligence in court documents. St. John representatives said Clugston’s blindness is a result of his medical condition.

    While the suit moves forward, the nurse and the anesthesiologist remain employed and working. Neither have prior disciplinary records.

    The case stands out to the Oklahoma Board of Osteopathic Examiners. The executive director, Deborah Bruce, told FOX23 News it’s the first case of its kind she’s heard in her 10 years overseeing the board.


    At this time, Bruce said, the medical professional involved are not under investigation.  

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