• Owlets hatch after death of mother in midtown neighborhood

    By: Preston Jones


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    • The Sonoma Midtown neighborhood is known for its protected barred owl population
    • A nesting owl was found dead in the neighborhood in March
    • Her eggs were saved by neighbors; they hatched recently 

    Midtown neighbors hoped for the best when they rescued two owl eggs in March. 

    Known for their protected barred owl population, the Sonoma Midtown neighborhood near 36th adn Harvard keeps yellow caution signs warning drivers of the low-flying owls. 

    They found one of their nesting mothers, Sofie, dead of suspected liver issues. She also had wounds from previous pellet gunfire. 

    Neighbors rushed her two recently-laid eggs to a rehabilitation specialist, hoping to save the birds. At the time, it was not clear if they could be saved. 

    The owlets hatched in mid-April, however. Receiving the names Kimbro and Bynum after city councilor Ben Kimbro and Mayor GT Bynum. 

    The owlets remain in special care until they grow strong enough to live on their own. 

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