Owasso students could face charges after a car was stolen on school grounds

OWASSO, Okla. — Two Owasso High School students could be facing charges after one of them stole a Ford Mustang from the Owasso High School parking lot.

Owasso police officer Nick Boatman said, “He was rummaging through lockers and ended up finding a key fab to a car.”

And once the 17-year-old found the keys, finding the car was just the push of a button away, as the suspect clicked the key fab honking the car horn.

The car’s owner was visiting his child during lunch, as he saw the 17-year-old stealing his car.

Boatman said, “He went to go confront the kid and ended up getting hit by the car as the kid was trying to run.”

The teenager dragged the victim several feet before he let go.

He was scraped and bruised but didn’t need hospitalization.

The teen then took off into a neighborhood by the Sixth Grade Center.

Boatman said, “There’s only two ways into or out of that neighborhood, so officers posted up at the entrances and exits and waited for other officers to get there who then canvased the area and found the car.”

As police found the abandoned but undamaged car, they got another call.

“The same suspect is trying to get back into school, trying to sneak in,” Boatman said, “and there’s another child assisting him in changing his clothes and trying to make it seem like it’s no big deal, concealing his identity.”

Both students are facing criminal charges and disciplinary action from the school.

“It’s the beginning of summer. This kind of thing is going to happen, but we’re on top of it,” Boatman assured FOX23.