Owasso school officials investigate after video appears to show teacher's profane election rant

OWASSO, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Owasso High School is investigating after a video appeared to show a teacher's profane election rant.
  • The teacher reportedly used profanity, calling some voters uninformed, ignorant and racist.
  • The school is looking into what happened.

Owasso High School administrators have launched an internal investigation after reports that a teacher’s profane election rant was caught on video.

Wednesday morning, a student recorded a short clip appearing to show an Owasso High School teacher expressing his disgust with the election results and voters.

The video clip was posted to Facebook and shared with FOX23 News. The Facebook user that posted the video has since made it private.

In the one hour that the video was public, it was shared dozens of times, and upset parents called for the teacher’s punishment.

During the clip, the teacher appears to call voters “ridiculous, uninformed, ignorant, racist pieces of (expletive),” then going on to voice his frustration.

Principal Matt Roberts says it’s a personnel matter and will be dealt with appropriately.

Roberts went on to say, “Teachers are looked to as role models, and we expect our teachers to be role models as well. Tensions are very high at this time with the national and state elections and the state questions. There’s a right way and a wrong way to voice your opinion, and the classroom setting is not the proper forum for that.”

FOX23 spoke with parents about the video. Their response on FOX23 News at 6.


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