Owasso police investigate string of car thefts and break-ins

OWASSO, Okla. — A warning from police in Owasso: lock your vehicles. This warning comes after three cars were stolen and six others were broken into in one night.

It happened last weekend and police are looking for the group of people who did this.

Julia told FOX23 her 2016 Chevy Malibu was taken after her mom’s car was broken into.

“My spare key was in her console and she forgot to lock her car and they came by, opened her car door, found the key after totally trashing it and took off with my car,” said Julie.

Officers said this happened late on Saturday night into the early hours of Sunday morning in the neighborhoods mainly around German Corner.

Police said they’re looking for three young men seen driving a silver car in the area.

Jason Woodruff is Deputy Chief of Owasso police. He explained how thefts like this occur.

“They find an unlocked car and go through that car looking for anything valuable they can steal, and sometimes they find keys to those cars inside the car, and so they can take the car itself,” said Woodruff.

As well as the cars, wallets and cards were also taken.

Officers said there’s been an uptick in the number of vehicle break-ins and thefts because of the warmer weather. They said that it happens every year and they’re warning people to lock their vehicles.

“Please make an extra effort to lock your cars at night, don’t leave your keys in your car, don’t leave valuables, don’t leave guns in your cars,” said Woodruff.

Police said two of the stolen cars have been found. One was dumped by the side of Highway 44 and the other was parked at a Tulsa apartment building,

Meanwhile, Julie is still looking for hers.

“I have definitely learned never to leave anything valuable in your car, you know you think ‘this happens but not me’, but I mean it happens,” Julie said.

Police said they’re doing everything they can to find the people behind this.

They’re also asking for people to check their cameras for anything that might show this group so they can figure out who they are.