• Owasso Mid High honors teacher killed in distracted driving crash

    By: Jenny Young , Melodie Pennington


    OWASSO, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Bobbi White died in 2016; She was hit by a distracted driver on Highway 169
    • Her mother became an advocate against texting while driving 
    • In White's honor, Owasso Mid High School will reveal a memorial bench and wall mural 
    • Faculty and students raised funds for the bench
    • Students designed the mural; art teacher Joan Wright painted it 

    Bobbi White's mother, Gail Lambert, worried her daughter would be forgotten. 

    In the spring of 2016, White was hit by a distracted driver on Highway 169. She died of her injuries. 

    The Owasso English teacher was well known- community members, students and faculty held vigils and memorial services in her honor shortly after her death. 

    In the fall of 2016, Lambert set out to curb the cause of her daughter's death. She got Sen. JJ Dossett to draft and sponsor the Bobbi White Act, which addressed electronic devices on the road. The bill died on the senate floor in 2017. 

    The bill failure did not deter Lambert. She pushed on with the Drop It and Drive campaign, getting stickers and signs posted in 9 states, the UK and Canada. 

    As she pushes for her daughter's legacy, the community in Owasso continues to honor White. 

    Wednesday, Owasso Mid High unveiled a special bench and memorial. The idea started among the English department as a way to memorialize their colleague. 

    The idea spread, and Wednesday a bench was revealed with "Beloved Mid High Teacher, Bobbi White, Drop it and Drive" engraved on the seat back. The bench was funded by the teachers and students at the school. 

    Students, faculty and staff wore white or specially-designed t-shirts in White's memory. The reveal came just days after the year mark of her death.

    Outside of the library, where everyone got to look at the bench, art teacher Joan White painted a student-designed mural for the Drop It and Drive campaign and White. 

    Lambert says the day came as a surprise, and relieving the burden that Bobbi White would be forgotten. 

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