Owasso man speaks out after police say his neighbor shot and killed his dog

OWASSO, Okla. — UPDATE (10/11/22): The Oklahoma State Courts Networks shows Brandon Holmes is charged with animal cruelty, possession of a firearm after former conviction of a felony and obstructing an officer.

Police arrested Brandon Holmes on complaints of animal cruelty, possession of a firearm after conviction of a felony, reckless handlining of a firearm and destroying evidence after they say he shot and killed his neighbor’s dog.

Tuesday morning, Jacob Walker let his dog, Parvo, out in his back yard.

“I just shut my door, walked to the bathroom. I reach my bathroom door and I hear gunshots,” he recalled.

Walker went outside and saw Parvo had been shot. He says his neighbor, Holmes, admitted to him he shot Parvo.

“He lied there and just died right outside of the door,” he said.

Walker says he called police. The arrest report says police came to the house and saw Parvo dead.

The arrest report indicated Holmes told police the dog was trying to get into his house. It also said Holmes denied shooting Parvo at first and claimed a relative shot the dog.

The report continues, revealing that police discovered Holmes was a convicted felon. Officers asked for a search warrant and told Holmes to wait outside while they all waited for the warrant to be granted. The arrest report said Holmes went back in the house and locked the doors.

Police said they knocked down the door and told Holmes to get on the ground. Police claim Holmes did not cooperate, so they tazed and arrested him. The arrest report said police found a gun in Holmes’ home, which he is not allowed to be in possession of as a felon.

Holmes told FOX23 that the shooting was in self defense.

Walker said he doesn’t think anything could make this right.

“They took our dog and took an autopsy and said he was shot in the lungs and that’s what killed him. He drowned in blood,” he said.

He continued, “There’s really nothing you can do that can give me back my dog.”

Holmes did not want to interview, but gave FOX23 this statement:

“I never intended on harming the dog, I was trying to protect myself from being attacked, as I was outside mowing my yard the dogs came over into my yard aggressively charging at me. There dogs have came over into my backyard by tearing through the fence on several other occasions one including my kids being outside when they did. They have been told several times about the dogs. It is an unfortunate situation but I have to protect myself and family.”

Owasso police said this arrest is not a conviction, and Holmes has not been charged in this case at this time.