• Owasso company says someone keeps stealing public trash bins

    By: Amber Hughes


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    • Employees at Christian Brothers Automotive shop in Owasso provide a community ice chest filled with water and trash bins for public use.
    • Someone has reportedly stolen the trash bins more than 10 times in recent months.
    • Owasso firefighters donated two new bins to the shop.

    OWASSO, Okla. - A local company said they will continue to replace their public trash bins if people keep stealing them.

    Employees from Christian Brothers Automotive shop in Owasso said they have been providing a community ice chest filled with free water outside the business along North Garnett for two years.

    Last year, they added trash bins on both side of the water cooler, so people have a place to throw away their trash.

    Since August 2017, the trash bins have been stolen 10 times. In the last eight weeks alone, the bins have disappeared six times.

    After employees said they lost bins twice in a two-day span, surveillance footage showed two people driving luxury cars taking the bins.  

    After that incident, the Owasso Fire Department donated two new bins to the shop.

    Although the owner said he would like to see the bins stay put, he said he will continue to replace them if someone steals them, because he cares about the community where he lives and works.

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