Jack White donates to Outsiders House restoration fund

Jack White donates to Outsiders House

TULSA, Okla. — The Outsiders House in Tulsa is making progress in its restoration process.

House of Pain rapper Danny Boy O'Connor started a GoFundMe account in March of 2016 for the famous home used in the filming of The Outsiders.

After his show at ONEOK Field Monday, Jack White donated $30,000 from the concert to aid the restoration process.

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"After dealing with multiple zoning and permitting set-backs, we are closer than ever to completing the first phase of development which will allow us to finally have The Outsiders House Museum open for business," O'Connor said.

The account had reached $42,541 of its $75,000 goal before White's donation to restore the house as a pop culture museum for the book and film.

O'Connor updated the progress at the house on the GoFundMe page:

"After acquiring the property and the core collection pieces, I was able to secure the legal and financial resources needed to establish a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Then, based on the generosity of the GoFundMe community, (and the support of dozens of local businesses!), the following results have been delivered over the past 24 months:

1) Structural, electrical and plumbing renovations to The Outsiders House

2) Acquired and gifted building materials, fixtures, furniture and appliances

3) Thousands of hours of donated labor and professional services

4) Foundation and Construction of our new General Store/Gift Shop

5) Preliminary archiving and indexing of hundreds of artifacts from The Outsiders"
-Danny Boy O'Connor

O'Connor says the remaining funds needed will be used to finish the tasks remaining for the museum to open its doors for tours:

"1) An on-site parking lot for 5 cars ($10,000) in materials as we have a donor who will provide the needed labor at no cost.

2) Security fencing/gates around the property perimeter ($10,000)

3) Interior/Exterior lighting, fixtures, furniture and point-of-sale equipment ($12,000)

Once these last few items are knocked out right, we can begin offering up to five one-hour tours a day on Saturdays and Sundays, for up to 20 people per tour. These tours will allow the Museum to begin generating the income we need to become self-sustaining." - Danny Boy O'Connor

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