• OSU research testing drones to use during severe weather

    By: Amanda Hari


    STILLWATER, Okla. - Quick Facts: 

    • Oklahoma state university's unmanned systems research institute is working to make people safer during extreme weather situations.
    • They're testing drones that would get supplies to areas where storms have made it difficult to do so by vehicle.
    • The drones are more durable, made of Kevlar and fiber glass, so they can withstand things like high winds and hail.
    • The drones can also travel farther distances because they are designed to be used beyond the visual line of sight.
    • Jamey Jacob, director of the Unmanned Systems Research Institute at Oklahoma State University says it would solve one of the biggest challenges for emergency managers--getting supplies into affected areas where roads and bridges have been wiped out.
    • Jacob says the research group hopes to get permission from the FAA to start using the drones in real life situations within the next 6 months to a year.


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