• OSBI arrests man in connection to 73-year-old Pryor woman's death

    By: Cailey Dougherty



    • OSBI arrested and charged 36-year-old Frankie Blackwell II in connection to the death of his grandmother Sandra Blackwell Wednesday. Frankie was originally arrested on unrelated warrants in Craig County.
    • Frankie is charged with first degree murder and is being held without bond.
    • OSBI officials said they found 73-year-old Sandra Blackwell dead in Pryor home on Jan. 8.
    • Medical examiners are still working to determine the cause of death.
    • Pryor creek police originally responded to the home, but OSBI has taken over the investigation.
    • OSBI did not originally release details on why they believe Sandra's death was a homicide. The investigation is ongoing.
    • This story will be updated as we learn details.

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