Osage County deputies shoot pit bulls after attack sends woman to the hospital

OSAGE COUNTY, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • A woman is in the hospital after she was reportedly mauled by two pit bulls.
  • Deputies shot the dogs. One died, but the other escaped.
  • Deputies are searching for the owners and the injured dog.

A woman is recovering in a Tulsa hospital after she was attacked by two dogs.

Osage County deputies say the woman was walking when two pit bulls "mauled" her.

Deputies say the attack happened around noon Sunday in a neighborhood near Burton Lane and Beverly Boulevard near Skiatook Lake.

Deputies say they woman was in surgery for several hours and is expected to survive, but will have to have multiple skin grafts.

Authorities say two deputies shot the dogs after they say the dogs also attempted to attack law enforcement.

One dog was killed on scene and an injured dog ran off.

Deputies spent part of Monday morning back on the scene searching for the dog that ran off.

So far, deputies say no one has claimed ownership of the pit bulls.

One dog will be checked for rabies.

Deputies say there is no leash law or ordinance in Osage County.

So, if and when they find the dogs' owner, they will attempt to file charges and present the case to the district attorney, who then will decide if the owner will be charged.


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