Oologah girl writes and publishes book at only 4 years old

OOLOGAH, Okla. — A 4-year-old girl from Oologah has written and published her own book.

It’s called, “The Day Little Peanut Became a Unicorn”, and it’s all about her adventures with her pony.

Adaline Harold is reading from her favorite book , the one she wrote herself, at just 4 years old.

“Adaline placed the horn on Peanut’s head and Peanut became a unicorn,” Adaline read.

Adaline said she loves horses, but she loves books because they’re so fun to read.

“I wanted to do it [the book] because I love horses,” she said.

Adaline says her pony, little Peanut, is her best friend and she even reads books to her.

Adaline’s mom and dad, Emilie and Tyler, said Adaline has always wanted to write a book since she was three years old and so she put pen to paper on a story about her pony.

“She was like, I’m ready. I’m ready to write a book,” Emilie said. “So we talked about it and it just went from there. She told us the story and there’s a lot of work that went into it.”

Tyler said that every word that’s in that book is Adaline’s, so it’s just been pretty amazing.

Emilie and Tyler found an illustrator and self-published the book. It’s been on sale for a week and has already sold about 70 copies.

“She was just happy to get it in, jumping up-and-down, and for her that was a success,” Emilie said. “She was holding her own book.”

Emilie said they are so proud of their daughter and her accomplishment.

“We’re so proud, it feels unreal and unbelievable, that, you know, a 4-year-old could have an imagination and passion for books like she does,” she said. “She would rather read a book than play with a toy and it’s just been a beautiful journey really.”

Adaline’s not stopping with one book. She is planning a series and has already written three other stories about adventures with her pony and is working on more.

You can get your own copy of “The Day Little Peanut Became a Unicorn” here.