Police: No charges filed in Tulsa Walgreens shooting

VIDEO: Surveillance footage released in fatal Walgreens shooting

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Tulsa police told FOX23 a clerk shot someone during an altercation over photos at Walgreens on 71st and Lewis Wednesday afternoon.
  • Officers say Walgreens had photos for over a year, and the clerk was trying to verify the photos belonged to the man.
  • One person is dead. An employee and customer were also hit.
  • Police said on Jan. 3 that no charges will be filed against the clerk. They called it a case of self defense.

One person is dead after a shooting at a south Tulsa convenience store Wednesday afternoon.

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Tulsa police told FOX23 a 28-year-old employee at the Walgreens near 71st and Lewis shot and killed 52-year-old William Hurley after an altercation that started over some photos.

Officers told FOX23 that Walgreens had the photos for over a year, and the clerk tried to verify the photos belonged to Hurley. Hurley then became angry, hopped the counter and grabbed the photos. Hurley turned to leave, and the clerk called 911. Hurley then turned and came back, and that is when the clerk pulled out his own gun and started shooting, according to officials.

Police told FOX23 Hurley pulled out a gun before the employee shot him.

Police said the employee who fired the shots has a concealed-carry license. Walgreens officials said guns and other weapons are prohibited in their stores.

Walgreens released a statement Wednesday about the incident:

"We are fully cooperating with police in their active investigation of the incident that occurred in a Tulsa store this afternoon. We refer you to police for any additional comment on the incident. We are committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, patients and customers in the communities we serve."

Tulsa police gave an update from the scene after the incident:

Police investigating shooting at south Tulsa Walgeens

LIVE UPDATES: Officials give live updates after deadly shooting at Walgreens on 71st and Lewis. MORE INFO: http://bit.ly/2PS9ag9

Posted by FOX23 News on Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Another employee and customer were hit by gunfire and were sent to the hospital, but are expected to be OK.

Police said on Jan. 3 that no charges will be filed against the clerk who shot. Police called it a case of self defense.

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