• Police: Tulsa homicide suspect shot by sniper during standoff

    By: Chrishayla Smith




    Tulsa police said a sniper shot a deadly shooting suspect who tried to run during a standoff in east Tulsa on Friday.

    Investigators said Barton Vonn is wanted in connection to two shootings in east Tulsa.

    The first shooting happened around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday near 15th and Sheridan. Officers say the victim Curtis Gaines died on the scene, and Barton Vann and Nicole Williams were named suspects.

    Police also connected the same man to a second shooting near 14th and 73rd East Avenue around 6 p.m. Wednesday. The victim of that shooting went on to live. The victim Jon Buckner told officers Barton shot him in the upper torso. According to Jon, Barton and Nicole went to his home. Barton got into an argument with Jon's father , Larryabout Barton taking a motorcycle. When Larry told Barton to go get the bike, Barton refused and got into a physical altercation with Jon. Jon said during the fight, Barton pulled out a silver and pink semi-automatic handgun and shot jon in the shoulder. Barton and Nicole fled the scene.

    Sgt. Shane Tuell said during a news conference Friday that Vonn was found at a home. Other people in the home were removed safely.

    Tuell said Vann did not listen to police commands and was determined to be a threat by officers at the scene. After a long standoff, police said Vonn tried to leave the home and a sniper shot him. 

    He has been taken to the hospital.

    Investigators said officers also took a Nicole into custody at the scene. She is now facing a first degree murder charge.

    This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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