Seminole teacher cleans up, rebuilds after devastating tornado

SEMINOLE, Okla. — A Seminole teacher is cleaning up and rebuilding after a devastating tornado.

Amy Porter is a teacher at the Academy of Seminole, which was heavily damaged during the storm. Porter’s second-grade classroom trailer was picked up and thrown across the campus by the EF-2 storm.

Porter said her husband had to use heavy machinery to tear the floor apart just so he could get inside. Porter has been teaching for 23 years, including three at a new charter school.

She said her classroom was filled with supplies she has been collecting all that time and just about everything was lost or destroyed.

“An extensive classroom library, and I’ve probably lost more than 700 books. And there were some breakable things, like a llama diffuser, and there were a few teacher workbooks that I had purchased that were damaged,” Porter said.

She has started to try to rebuild her library and classroom supplies. You can find her Amazon Wishlist here to help her restock her supplies and rebuild.