Preliminary reports from Sunday night’s storm released by Storm Prediction Center

Preliminary reports from Sunday’s storms have been released from the Storms Prediction Center.

In Oklahoma, there are ten reports of hail, where the stones were at least one inch in diameter. There are also 10 reports of a tornado, with three in Green Country. Those include Coweta, Webber Falls, and Jay. There will likely be more reports in our area.

If at least 12 tornadoes are confirmed from Sunday night, October will become the most active month for tornadoes in 2021. We only saw 11 tornadoes in May.

There were 22 reports of high winds. The highest was reported in Chickasha, clocking in at 82 miles per hour.

The storm impacted six stations across the U.S. Reports include severe weather, hail, tornadoes, and high wind reports.