OKC Zoo announces birth of rare, endangered okapi calf

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — The Oklahoma City Zoo has welcomed a rare and endangered okapi (oh-COP-ee) calf. Okapis are reclusive animals that are native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa.

Zookeepers say the calf was born last week in the zoo’s okapi barn. Okapis originally came to the Oklahoma City Zoo in 1973. Right now, there are 88 okapis cared for by facilities in North America.

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The male calf is the first for mother Kayin and father Bosomi. Kayin was born at the Oklahoma City Zoo in 2015. Bosomi came to Oklahoma from the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita.

The newborn is the seventh calf born at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

“We are overjoyed about the arrival of Kayin’s first calf and welcoming this new generation to our okapi family,” said Tracey Dolphin, OKC Zoo’s curator of hoofstock and primates. “Kayin is being a very attentive first-time mother and demonstrating exceptional maternal care. Her new calf is healthy and strong, and meeting his milestones including nursing and bonding with mom.”

Kayin and her baby are in great health and will be shown to the public soon.

The okapi’s birth comes months after the recent births of Sumatran tiger cubs Luna and Bob, who are now on public view at Cat Forest.