OKC Police says suspect killed himself before tactical move led to crash

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Oklahoma City Police say a suspect is dead after a tactical move pushed the driver off the road.

The crash near downtown Oklahoma City came after a lengthy chase with a truck stolen out of Missouri. Oklahoma City officers attempted to stop the truck but when the driver refused to pull over they initiated a pursuit. Once the police helicopter became involved, officers on the ground stopped chasing the driver.

Officers on the ground reengaged the chase though when they realized the truck was headed in the direction of the city’s MLK Jr. Day Parade downtown. At this point the chase had gone on for about an hour.

Authorities waited until the chase went into an area with limited traffic before performing the tactical move that led to the crash. Video shows the stolen truck roll nearly three times before landing in the median.

Oklahoma City Police were extra cautious, believing the suspect had a gun.

When the suspect did not get out of the crashed truck police brought an armored truck to the scene. They could be seen breaking out the front windshield to pull the driver from the truck.

OKCPD later confirmed the suspect turned his gun on himself, firing a fatal shot. At this time, officials are working to confirm his identity and will release his name once his family has been contacted.