Oklahoma sheriff issues warning to parents after dangerous online game ends in 11-year-old's death

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LEFLORE COUNTY, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • An Oklahoma sheriff says a dangerous online game ended in an 11-year-old's death.
  • The "Blue Whale" game reportedly leads up to participants' suicide.
  • Officials say the game targets young people.

The LeFlore County Sheriff's Office says an 11-year-old is dead after participating in a dangerous online game.

The game, commonly called "Blue Whale," originated in Russia and reportedly targets young people.

Officials say players go through a 50-step scenario that ends in suicide.

Investigators say the LeFlore County boy died after participating in the game.

Sheriff's officials say there have been American deaths in Colorado, California and Virginia linked to the game.

They say players are often juveniles who suffer from other underlying issues.

"We cannot stress enough to parents of kids, the importance of being closely involved in their lives so they may identify early on, problems their children may be having in and out of the school setting," the sheriff's office said in a release Monday. "Being able to pinpoint signs of depression, unusual/inappropriate behavior or possible substance abuse, can help get your child the professional help needed to prevent another tragedy like this from happening again."

Officials urge parents to monitor their children's internet use to ensure they do not become involved with the game.

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