• Oklahoma senator proposes bills to give teachers $10,000 raises

    By: Lynn Casey


    OKLAHOMA, CITY - Quick facts:

    • Senator David Holt (R-Oklahoma City) says he has a plan to give Oklahoma teachers a $10,000 raise.
    • He introduced 12 bills that he says will fund the proposition.
    • FOX23 found out how Holt wants to make those raises happen.


    An Oklahoma senator says teachers deserve more money, and he's got a plan to make that happen.

    Senator David Holt (R-Oklahoma City) says he has bills that will give teachers raises across the Sooner State.

    He wants to give every Oklahoma teacher a $10,000 raise.

    Though Holt introduced similar bills in 2016, the new bills are more specific about how the state could generate the needed money for teacher raises.

    How Much Would This Cost The State?

    Holt estimates a $10,000 raise for all 42,000 classroom teachers could cost approximately $550 million.

    According to a press release, his 12 funding measures would provide at least $744 million in funding options, with the option of adding another $261 million.

    This means that Oklahomans would have over $1 billion in funding options.

    Holt’s proposals also include other revenue raising measures with undetermined values.

    He also authored an income tax exemption for teachers equivalent to an $1,850 average raise.

    Where Would This Money come From?

    One of Holt’s propositions would earmark money that comes from revenue growth for the raises.

    He says that the Oklahoma economy has taken a dip because of oil prices, but when the state starts making more money again, $200 million of the extra cash could go toward for teacher raises.

    He also proposed that Oklahoma tax the delivery, installation and repair of taxable goods, like appliances, as well as fur storage, as other states already do.

    SEE MORE: See a full list of Holt's propositions

    What Are Teachers Saying About Holt's Proposals?

    The Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association says it’s cautiously optimistic about Holt’s efforts.

    Though they’re happy to see a proposal that actually shows where the money would come from, they say they want legislators to know they will not support any proposal that touts a raise, but takes away from things like pensions and benefits.

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