FBI joins investigation into prostitution allegations against senator

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • The Oklahoma Senate voted Wednesday to punish Sen. Ralph Shortey (R-District 44).
  • FOX23 reported Tuesday night that Moore police are investigating Shortey after he was allegedly found in a motel room with a teenage boy.
  • Shortey is charged with three prostitution charges
  • The senate resolution strips Shortey of state-owned property, his office at the Capitol and his parking space.
  • It also suspends his role on several senate committees and removes his name from all legislation he has authored of co-authored.
  • The FBI joined the investigation
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The Oklahoma Republican Party released a statement shortly after the resolution was passed:

"We condemn the actions of Senator Ralph Shortey to the strongest degree," said Pam Pollard, Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party. "While we believe in the right to a fair trial and that all people deserve their day in court, the accusations against Ralph Shortey are in no way in line with the principles of the Oklahoma Republican Party."

"No person, particularly a child, should be subjected to sex crimes," said Chairman Pollard. "The Oklahoma Republican Party stands in support of efforts to protect children, families and victims of sex crimes. Clearly, we are horrified by the allegations against Senator Ralph Shortey and that he may have taken detestable actions against children. If proven to be true, appropriate justice should be served."

Freedom Oklahoma executive director, Troy Stevenson, also released a statement:

"Freedom Oklahoma commends the Senate for taking swift action in sanctioning Senator Shortey in this matter and will closely follow the investigation when and if charges are filed by the Cleveland County District Attorney. We hope Senator Shortey's hypocrisy will show Oklahoma Lawmakers the bias caused by ill-conceived and discriminatory legislation, and that they will refrain from passing or proposing laws that put the LGBTQ community in jeopardy. The threat issued by the "Steak and Catfish Barn" is the most overt type of bigotry aimed at trans Oklahomans; however Freedom Oklahoma regularly gets reports of trans people being threatened, harassed, and intimidated simply for living their lives; and ironically someone who appears to be an actual predator has moved these biased bills forward. Our greatest hope is that lawmakers will see fit to protect all Oklahomans from discrimination and predatory behavior by passing laws to protect minorities and LGBTQ youth who are often forced into sex-work because of the hatred aimed at our community."

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