• Oklahoma School Shutdown: Details, tips for those traveling to Capitol on Monday


    TULSA, Okla. - The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and Oklahoma Highway Patrol shared important information for people planning to travel to the Capitol on Monday for a demonstration.

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    Officials are expecting up to 30,000 as teachers and state employees stage a walkout across the country in protest of state funding. They have several instructions and reminders for those attending:

    • "Every person entering the Capitol building must go through security. The lines will be long, so plan on long wait times.
    • State employees who work at the Capitol may hold up their state ID to expedite their entrance.
    • No overnight camping will be allowed on Capitol grounds.
    • No guns, knives or other weapons are allowed inside the building.
    • Signs are allowed inside the Capitol ONLY if they are not on a stick. Banners are allowed but cannot be posted on any walls inside the building.
    • Face masks are not allowed.
    • The state has not determined a limit on the number of people who can be inside the building at the same time. State officials reserve the right to limit numbers if the size of the crowd becomes a safety issue, and at that point the process will be “one in, one out.”
    • Carry as few items as possible to facilitate security procedures and keep the lines moving more quickly.
    • The forecast currently calls for cool weather and a chance of rain. Be aware that you may be spending a large part of the day outdoors and dress accordingly.
    • Citizens who are visiting or calling state offices need to be aware that many employees may be taking part in the walkout. Expect delays and staff shortages.
    • People who live and work in the Capitol area of Oklahoma City are advised to plan for major traffic congestion and delays in travel time on Monday."

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