• Oklahoma school officials apologize after 'Black Lives Matter' t-shirt controversy


    EDMOND, Okla. - The mother of an Oklahoma students says school officials have apologized after a principal made her son take off his "Black Lives Matter" t-shirt.

    The ACLU of Oklahoma gave Deer Creek Public Schools two days to meet demands, holding them accountable for what they called First Amendment violations.

    The organization called for a retraction of the principal's letter and an apology. They also wanted a reversal in any disciplinary actions, an investigation into reports that a student was told to take off his shirt and an investigation into reports of racism within the district.

    ACLU officials say the district has done some of the things they've asked, and they've done enough to show the district is willing "to do the right thing."

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    They say the superintendent called the student and his mother and offered an apology, as well as backed off the idea of imposing any discipline for a student seen wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt.

    The superintendent released a statement saying, in part, "Deer Creek Public Schools strongly supports our students' First Amendment rights. No students were disciplined for their expression of the First Amendment," and, "Deer Creek Public Schools will always investigate any information presented to us concerning student conduct and student safety, and we always follow state and federal laws. We are addressing ACLU concerns directly with them."

    The student's parents are set to meet with the head of the Oklahoma City chapter of Black Lives Matter, the ACLU and school leaders to discuss the situation.

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