• Oklahoma's Task Force One prepped for call to Hurricane Florence

    By: Sara Hart


    TULSA, Okla. - In preparation for Hurricane Florence on the East Coast, Oklahoma's Task Force one is gearing up to be ready for the call for help.

    Task Force One, or Urban Search and Rescue is the same group from Oklahoma that helped those in need in the wake of Hurricane Harvey last year.

    Hurricane Florence is a potentially deadly Category 4 storm headed for the southeastern U.S. It is expected to be the most damaging in the Carolinas and Georgia.

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    The Tulsa Task Force One group is made up of Tulsa firefighters, Tulsa police officers, and firefighters from other Green Country areas.

    They have two 45-foot-long semi-trucks and several other trailers packed and ready to move. They will also be taking three drones and three boats for the potential rescue efforts.

    Members of the group are trained in water rescues, helicopter rescues and rope rescues.

    Search teams with the group have K9 members used to locate people who could get trapped under rubble or debris.

    When called, the Tulsa group will join forces with its counterpart in Oklahoma City and represent the state together for the rescue efforts. The team told FOX23 they are ready to go and can leave in less than an hour when called.

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