Oklahoma rodeo association president resigns over racial slur in text message to workers

TULSA, Okla. — The Oklahoma Wild Bunch Youth Rodeo Association president (OWBYRA) has resigned.

Ashley Cummings reportedly fired off a text message to three of her workers after they skipped out on an event to go to the Tulsa Heritage Rodeo.

The text message included racial slur, and the president reportedly told them to go choke.

The text was circulated in the rodeo community, and many people say they are upset.

Katrina Goff told FOX23 that her son spends lots of time with Cummings and her family. She said he’s dating her sister.

Goff said the usage of the racial slur was uncalled for, and she said she’s talked to Cummings and that though Cummings reportedly apologized over and over, Goff isn’t accepting it. Goff said Cummings should resign or else the Association is going to fold.

Spencer Nero with OWBYRA said the tone and language of their president’s text was inappropriate and doesn’t reflect their organization’s beliefs. They reportedly have a zero-tolerance policy, and the board is discussing what disciplinary action needs to take place against Cummings:

"There was an unfortunate communication between three adult staff members and the president of our association. The message tone and language choice was inappropriate and by no means is a direct reflection of OWBYRA. The association has performed an internal investigation with all parties involved. Our association has a zero tolerance (sic) policy for these types of actions. The board of directors are in deliberation on how to handle disciplinary actions with the matter. The president is regretful of the transpiring of these communications and would like to apologize to the parents, members, and parties involved."

Cummings reportedly resigned Tuesday, according to a statement:

"I sincerely apologize for my actions and poor word choice in the communication held between myself and three family members. As part of a bi-racial family, I understand the hurt and disgust that may be felt by many. Being part of the African-American race myself, I am not racist. My word choice was unprofessional and inappropriate. I accept full responsibility for my actions. I am very remorseful and sorry for the negative attention directed toward the OWBYRA and pray this does not affect them in a negative manner. It was a mistake and not a reflection of my true character. I have made the heartfelt decision to step down as the OWBYRA president effective immediately."

News of the alleged text message has traveled to other states, and FOX23 has received complaints related to the situation from people outside Oklahoma.

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