Oklahoma movie theater reverses course after posting sign warning viewers of scene in ‘Lightyear’

KINGFISHER, Okla. — A movie theater in Kingfisher reversed course after a warning sign was posted about Pixar’s new film “Lightyear.”

Many people posted about the sign online reading that the 89′er Theater would fast-forward through a scene showing a female character kissing her same-sex partner. The movie theater’s owner said that it would show “Lightyear” uninterrupted, saying they took the sign down and never fast-forwarded through any showing.

Jill Stuever, a woman who took her two sons to see the Buzz Lightyear standalone movie, said she had no problem with the scene.

“Watching it, it was no big deal,” Stuever said. “It was like two seconds. Maybe like one second if you were really paying attention.”

Lili Giles, who brought her 5-year-old to the movie, agreed.

“I thought it was fine. I’m fine with all kinds of different families,” she said.

But Giles said she could see why the theater put up the sign in the first place.

“I think they just wanted to be honest with people,” Giles said.

The movie has been barred from cinemas across much of the Muslim world for the brief kiss.