Gov. Fallin calls on Oklahoma legislator facing charges to resign

MOORE, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • The Oklahoma Senate voted Wednesday to punish Sen. Ralph Shortey (R-District 44).
  • FOX23 reported Tuesday night that Moore police are investigating Shortey after he was allegedly found in a motel room with a teenage boy.
  • Shortey is charged with three prostitution charges
  • The senate resolution strips Shortey of state-owned property, his office at the Capitol and his parking space.
  • It also suspends his role on several senate committees and removes his name from all legislation he has authored of co-authored.
  • Governor Mary Fallin called for Shortey's resignation on Thursday.
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An investigation is underway after an Oklahoma legislator was reportedly found with a teenage boy in a motel room.

State Senator Ralph Shortey (R-District 44) is charged with engaging in child prostitution, prostitution within 100 feet of a church and transporting a minor for prostitution.

Lt. Governor Todd Lamb released a statement about the charges against Shortey.

"Oklahoman’s deserve to be represented by those above reproach.  Ralph Shortey has clearly failed to achieve this minimum standard and had rightfully lost his senate privileges.

As a former law enforcement official, I commend the swift actions of the Moore Police Department and the Cleveland County District Attorney's office.

In light of the charges filed against him, Ralph Shortey should resign from his seat so the good people of southwest Oklahoma City can move forward with electing a new state Senator."

Police records say Shortey was found alone with a 16-17-year-old boy in the Super 8 Motel in Moore earlier this month.

A police report revealed that the teen's father said the boy had a history of drug abuse and and soliciting himself on Craigslist for sexual activity. The father reported that someone had seen his son enter the motel with an adult male, but he was unsure if the boy was in the room for illegal narcotics or sexual activity.

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Police say they could smell marijuana as they got close to the room. After they knocked, investigators said they told Shortey to open the door, and the legislator allegedly said that no one else was in the room.

Officer say they used a master key to open the door, and the boy exited the room, while Shortey stood behind the door.

Shortey reportedly then told officers that he was in the room to "hang out" with a friend. Police say they searched his backpack for marijuana, but they only found a bottle of lotion.

The teen then allegedly told police that Shortey had picked him up and brought him to the room.

Police say conversations on a Kindle fire appeared to show communications between Shortey and the teen, in which the teen reportedly asked if he could do anything for cash, to which Shortey allegedly replied that he could use some "sexual stuff."

Freedom Oklahoma executive director, Troy Stevenson, released a statement:

"We want to be clear, if the allegations against Senator Shortey prove true, this is not a gay issue. These accusations are of child abuse and pedophilia. This is not the first time that an anti-LGBTQ legislator has proven to have a deep dark secret of their own. We will wait for the investigation to be completed before commenting on the charges, but right now our thoughts and prayers are with the young man who appears to be the victim in this situation." 

On Thursday, Governor Mary Fallin called for Shortey's resignation:

"Ralph Shortey should resign his seat in the Senate. The charges against him do not reflect the character and decorum that we expect of an elected official. It is not acceptable. In the meantime, there's a criminal justice system in place to review the allegations. We should respect the process and allow it to work as designed."