Oklahoma house passes bill to boost education funding

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — The Oklahoma State House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday that they say will approve more funding for education.

The bill is the first education funding bill to pass a house of legislature in Oklahoma since teachers walked out of their classrooms and began protesting at the state capitol Monday.

HB1019XX requires third-party sellers on the internet, such as Amazon, to pay state sales taxes. The funds would allegedly help the state's education funding.

The bill passed in a 92-7 vote.

FOX23 got a look at who voted against the bill:

  • Rep. Dale Derby (R-District 74)
  • Rep. Tim Downing (R-District 42)
  • Rep. Travis Dunlap (R-District 10)
  • Rep. Tom Gann (R-District 8)
  • Rep. Tommy Hardin (R-District 49)
  • Rep. Jason Murphey (R-District 31)
  • Rep. Chuck Strohm (R-District 69)

Lawmakers expect it to bring in an extra $20 million in revenue a year.

The state senate will vote on the measure Thursday.