• Oklahoma GOP shows displeasure in OSBH, Gov. Fallin marijuana ruling


    OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma County and Tulsa Republican parties are speaking out against the recent treatment of the medical marijuana regulations.

    The Tulsa County Republican party released a statement Monday to "condemn" the Oklahoma State Board of Health's "flagrant bureaucratic Authoritarianism."

    The board, with the approval of Governor Mary Fallin, laid out new rules for the regulation of medical marijuana last week after State Question 788 passed in June.

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    "Last week’s actions by the OSBH are truly repugnant. Not only did they show no regard for the will of the people, but that they are truly part of the governmental swamp that seeks to legislate outside the republican form of government." -Oklahoma County Republican Chairman Daren Ward

    Marijuana proponents filed a lawsuit against the board and Governor Fallin last week after the new regulations were passed.

    Tulsa County Republican Chairman David McLain said they are asking Republicans to contact their legislators and "let your voice be heard."

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