Oklahoma first grade teacher helps her students become published authors

TULSA, Okla. — An Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy teacher made her entire first grade class published authors recently.

During the last school year, Kelly Pruett realized her students from all over the state were having a difficult time dealing with the coronavirus. She wanted to boost their spirits and give them an activity to show how they could impact their communities with kindness. Every student in Ms. Pruett’s class got a chance to contribute to the book “Color the World with Kindness.” The students got to write and edit their pages, along with illustrating the book.

Charlotte Hailey was in Ms. Pruett’s first grade class last school year. She wrote, “Kindness is important because it makes us happy. Kindness can turn a frown into a smile. It can go a long way… longer than a mile. Kindness is like making new friends and friendship is like a circle that never ends.”

Charlotte and her mom, Ashley Hailey, also created the cover illustration for the book.

“It was not only an opportunity to put ourselves out there but just to spend time with each other and show each other kindness and show the world how we feel about kindness,” Ashley said.

Kelly Pruett discovered “Student Treasures Publishing” who published her student’s book for free and parents were able to order copies of the hardback book.

“I think the kids as they become adults will look back on this experience and they’ll pass on that kindness that ripple will continue when they become adults with their own children,” Pruett said.