• Oklahoma couple accused of killing North Carolina man during robbery while on vacation


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • The U.S. Marshals Task Force said Ricky Long, 57, was shot multiple times in the head in North Carolina during a robbery 
    • It happened on Saturday
    • The suspects reportedly brought Long's car back to Oklahoma, where Wagoner County deputies and task force officers found it in the Verdigris River.
    • They said a fisherman spotted the car after it got hung up on a tree.
    • The suspects are Matthew Fortney and Amber Hitchcock of Coweta and Broken Arrow, respectively
    • The couple was arrested at a motel near I-244 and Garnett on Wednesday.
    • Police said Hitchcock admitted to the murder.
    • Hitchcock reportedly told them they met the victim while on vacation in Myrtle Beach and hung out with him for a few days before killing him during a robbery.
    • Wagoner County officials say Hitchcock has other warrants for her arrest there.
    • U.S Marshals, North Carolina law enforcement, Wagoner deputies, Broken Arrow police, Tulsa police and Tulsa County deputies all assisted in the investigation.

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