Oklahoma brewers prepare for liquor law changes

VIDEO: Tulsa brewers prepare for beer law change

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Oklahoma brewers will be able to sell high-point products at their breweries starting August 26.
  • Brewers said they believe the change in law will help them sell more products.
  • Some questions remain with the law.

Oklahoma craft beer brewers are making final preparations and changing the way they do business ahead of a new Oklahoma liquor law set to take effect August 26.

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On that day forward, brewers will be able to sell what they brew where they brew it.

Previously craft brewers were only allowed to sell low-point beer on site, but they had to send their high-point products to liquor stores for distribution.

FOX23 spoke with Marshall Brewing Company and Dead Armadillo Brewing Company in Tulsa.

Both say the new law is something that has been needed for years.

The old laws caused brewers to turn their customers away when they wanted to purchase a high-point product on site or even take a high-point product home.

Brewers have fought for more than eight years to get the law changed, saying the old laws hindered their businesses from reaching their full potential.

Many breweries are expecting increases in tap room tastings and also an increase in sales now that customers can sample items at the brewery instead of guessing a flavor at the liquor store and hoping it tastes good when they get home.

Oklahoma was one of the only states requiring breweries to still sell their high-point products through a liquor store distributor.

Many local breweries are planning events to celebrate the first sales of high-point beer on site on August 26th.

There is one legal question that remains, and brewers are hoping that answer will come before the 26th. The way the new law was written does not address the filling of growlers (large refillable beer containers, often glass) and how brewers will be able to sell and distribute high-point beer on site for customers looking to take some home.