• Oklahoma bill to deny marriage rights to those with STDs

    By: Greg Brown


    TULSA, Okla. - Qiuck facts:


    • State lawmakers are considering a bill that will require blood tests for those wishing to marry.
    • Those with STDs will not be able to obtain marriage licenses.
    • Local groups said this legislation violates privacy laws.


    Oklahoma lawmakers will consider a bill that would require Oklahomans to take a blood test before getting a marriage license.

    The test would impact everything from HPV to syphilis, and those who work within the HIV/AIDS community said the law is disturbing and a violation of patient rights.

    Senate bill 733 would require for all couples to have a blood test before they can receive a marriage license, and those with STDs would not be allowed to get married.

    Shannon Hall, the executive director of Tulsa Cares, a group that oversees the needs of the HIV-positive community in Tulsa, said that keeping HIV-positive people from marrying only creates fear instead of stopping the spread of the virus.

    He said the bill will face legal challenges, as he said it violates patient privacy laws.

    Some consider the bill a way for legislators to keep same-sex marriage licenses out of the hands of gay couples, even though STDs can be contracted by anyone, gay or straight.

    Senator Anthony Sykes, who authored the bill, was not available to comment.

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