• Officials urge gun-owners to shoot responsibly after home, car hit by gunfire

    By: Cailey Dougherty


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    • A Rogers County home and a woman's car were both recently hit by bullets.
    • Officials believe reckless shooters are to blame.
    • They urge people to be responsible with their guns.

    ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. - Local authorities say reckless recreational shooters are likely to blame for stray bullets that hit a home and a woman's car in Rogers County.

    Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton says the two incidents were likely reckless deer hunters or other recreational shooters.

    Employees at a local shooting range says that rounds can travel much farther than people realize.

    "A .22 long rifle is known to travel up to as far as a mile and a half away," said Jeremy Harrison at Guardian Shooting Solutions Range in Pryor.

    Officials say reckless handling of a firearm could result in criminal charges. They encourage shooters to receive proper training and shoot in a safe manner.

    "Seldom is the case that these are intentional acts," Walton said, "but they're all preventable."

    "People have the right to go out and own guns, shoot them and enjoy them, but we have the ultimate responsibility to be safe with them," said Harrison.

    No one was injured in either incident, but Rogers County officials say they have had some instances of livestock that were shot by stray bullets as well.

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