• Officials say there are not more barges loose on Arkansas River, despite rumors


    MUSKOGEE COUNTY, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Two officials confirmed Friday night there are not more barges loose on the Arkansas River, despite some rumors and reports stating otherwise.
    • Muskogee County Comissioner Ken Doke and Kimbra Scott with the Port of Muskogee both told FOX23 there are not barges loose on the river.
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    • Scott said barges are secured on the river and under 24 hour surveillance. Movement on the river could be attributed to a tug boat also out keeping watch.
    • Governor Kevin Stitt's office also confirmed no barges are loose. Spokesperson Donelle Harder said she is unsure where the rumors came from.
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    State from Gov. Stitt's office:

    "There are no barges loose at this time. There are four barges we are actively monitoring and the owners are working to keep secure near Webbers Fall dam. The state will continue to monitor the barges and will remain engaged until the situation is resolved. The state's number one priority is the integrity of the Webber's Fall Dam and ensuring the Corps have the ability to control the waterway." - Donelle Harder, spokesperson for Governor Kevin Stitt

    Statement from Commissioner Doke:

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