• Officials investigate possible threat to Tulsa high school


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    • Officials are investigating a possible threat to a Tulsa school.
    • A post circulating on social media mentions East Central High School.
    • Police will have extra officers in the area Monday.
    • A screen shot of the threat against ECHS was circulated again, allegedly targeting Edison

    TULSA, Okla. - Parents at East Central High School in Tulsa are worried after seeing another social media post threatening violence at the school on Monday.

    Tulsa police told FOX23 they will have extra officers near the school.

    The school’s principal posted a statement on the school’s Facebook page saying the district and police are working to investigate all information related to the threat.

    Districts across Green Country handled numerous social media threats last week and several students were arrested.

    Tulsa Public Schools released the following statement:

    Our Campus Police team is working with partner law enforcement agencies to investigate an alleged social media threat made against East Central High School. We take these kinds of incidents seriously and respond urgently. It is important that our students, families and larger community understand that regardless of whether a post was intended as a joke or to express anger or frustration, the consequences can include arrest and criminal charges.

    The same threat became a screen shot that went out to other students, appearing to threaten Edison Preparatory Academy. That threat was also investigated and deemed not credible. Security measures were increased at Edison as well. 

    Tulsa Public Schools has information about reporting potential threats to the district on its website. 

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