Officers follow trail of blood leading to stabbing victim near 15th and Denver

VIDEO: Police arrest one person after stabbing downtown
  • Tulsa police officers followed a trail of blood in the street just north of a gas station near 15th and Denver, leading to a stabbing victim lying in a large pool of blood.
  • Tulsa police say EMSA and TFD were tending to the male victim when they arrived on scene Sunday at 1am.
  • Police say Mikell Miller and the victim argued and engaged in what appeared to be mutual combat.
  • TPD says that at some point, Miller pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim numerous times.
  • Police say it was then that the victim stumbled into the gas station with Miller right behind him.
  • Officers say that Miller left then contacted them, handed over the the knife and said that he stabbed the man in self-defense.
  • Police arrested Miller on complaint of assault with a deadly weapon.
  • The condition of the victim is unknown at this time.
  • QuikTrip officials released a staement on the incident:
"The man was not stabbed at QT, but QT provided him with aid when he arrived at that location. All QT's are manned 24 hours a day and the site is monitored 24 hours. The homeless problem in that area of 15th and Denver is not generated by QT, not caused by QT, but they do agree that part of town is struggling with some crime. Quiktrip has been there for 30 years."